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Backup Wordpress site

Backup WordPress site

For someone to be able to take backup his website, which is based on WordPress, is a very important issue which can spared him from many problems.

Trying to find a solution for the above i tried different backup plugins of WordPress and ended up at the UpDraftPlus.This plugin has more than 1,500,000 implementations and blends the affordable and easy solution with the confidence and effectiveness. It has the ability to take backups on many cloud drives.

remote-cloud-backup-300It is very important to have easy access to your backups sets, especially in extreme cases (disaster scenario), so to have our files on a cloud and not locally on a machine is very meaningful.

In this article I will describe how to install and configure the UpDraftPlus using for storage the Google Drive.



1Installation of UpdraftPlus plugin

Through the admin interface of WordPress Plugins > Add New, make a search by inserting the word UpdraftPlus.


2 – Configuring settings and Scheduler

Via the Settings > UpdraftPlus backups we are able to define what we will include and when we will do the backup.

. updraftplus-contents-schedule


Unless you make many new posts every day, the daily backup will be enough for you. You can still do it manually, if there have been some important changes on the web site.

Regarding the number of backup copies that you want to keep, this has to do with the way you want to restore a backup, you will always restore the last copy? Or you want to be able to restore any particular day?

Of course the UpdraftPlus gives us the option to take backups at different times and independently between the files and the database. The most likely scenario is that we will have most of the files locally, as a result it is relatively easy to re-upload them, so there is no need for daily design in relation to the database that will be only on the server.  A first good design would be:

backup files each week and the database daily.


3 – Configuration of Google Drive as storage

So what needs to be done is to create a Google Project which will use the Drive API, define remote access to project and to allow UpdraftPlus to use this project.

Let see these steps.

First step is to tell the UpdraftPlus to use Google Drive as storage space, in order to do this we choose Google Drive from the menu  Choose your remote storage.

The content of the page will change and will give us various information for the completion of the procedure and the very important redirect URI. Copy the URI (will need in the next stepσ) and go to Google API Console (All the above requires that you have Google account).

Creation of the Project.

Click Create Project.


Enter a name and an ID that you want and press Create.

A window appears in the lower right-hand corner which will indicate the progress of creation. When its done you will be redirect to the main screen of the project.

Activate Google Drive API.

At this point we must enable the Google Drive API for this project, click Enable an API.

Through a very long list of candidate APIs, locate the Drive API and tap  OFF.

A message will appear when the API is enabled, which will be shown in the list at the top of the page together with the already enabled APIs.


Authorization of UpdraftPlus to use Drive API.

Go to project’s API & auth menu and click on Consent. 

From the form that will be shown we can regulate the appearance of the message confirmation of the authorization that will be shown later.


Here all we need to do is to select our email and supplement the PRODUCT NAME, then hit SAVE.

Under the menu project’s APIs & auth, click on Credentials and then under the OAuth click Create new Client ID.

google-project-create-clientIn the window that appears, leave the Web application selected and enter the domain name of your site within the AUTHORIZED JAVASCRIPT ORIGINS and the URI you copied before in AUTHORIZED REDIRECT URI. Click on Create Client ID. The window will close and you will see a new table named as  Client ID for web application.






Copy the Client ID and the CLIENT SECRET from the console, and paste respectively in the fields Google Drive Client ID and Google Drive Client Secret in the settings of UpdraftPlus. Finally click Save changes at the bottom of the page.

The last step that we need now is to go back to the Settings and click the alert message at the top of this page or under Authenticate with Google click on the text with the link.

After that, the next message will appear – click Accept to allow access to Google Drive.

google-project-authorize  You will be redirect automatically to the settings of the UpdraftPlus and will be shown a message regarding your Google Drive account.


Now you are using the Google drive to store your backups.

Thomas Polemis

System @ Network Administrator | Azure Infrastructure Solutions Specialist